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That whole planting the american flag on the moon thing really backfired on us because the sun’s radiation bleached the flag entirely white and now it’s just the french flag planted in the moon which makes no sense

Well, as I always say, VIVE LA REVOLUTION!

Vive la what, I just called the white flag of surrender the French flag, sit down

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smoo told me to draw zutara week stuff so instead i drew some modern au gaang. sorry for my shitty handwriting.

This is incredible!! I love the idea of Toph having an adorable pigtail style! <3 <3 <3 AU High School love

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A brilliant metaphor

Congratulations, you all are twelve!

Being a man is like being a dog. We are expected to be strong and loyal to earn our keep. Women are like cats. They aren’t really expected to do anything. If they choose to be productive, cool, but no one requires them to do anything.

Dogs are seen as violent and stupid while cats are smart and elegant. When they get into a fight, the dog is always seen as the aggressor, even though cats can absolutely be violent and irrational. Doesn’t matter if the cat started it or not, cause in the end, the dog will be punished and the cat will be cuddled.

Dogs are expected to do the dangerous jobs like herding and police work. Cats, at most, are expected to be cute and nap.

People automatically assume that dogs are dangerous, but have no problem going up to pet a strange cat. Dogs are more likely to be put down for attacking a person than a cat. As in more likely to be punished for the same crime.

Don’t make stupid comparisons about people if you aren’t ready to have them thrown right back in your face.   

^Now THAT’S a brilliant metaphor.


Wow, what a great explanation of how dogs and cats are treated, too bad it has NOTHING to do with how men and women are treated in our society.

Sure, men are expected to do hard work. Women are expected to have their job, THEN take care of the family, clean the house, cook the food, and look attractive while doing it.

Women and men can both be aggressive and violent, but the large majority of violent crimes are BY men ON women. 

Men are expected to do dangerous jobs because historically, men themselves have told women that they are too weak and fragile to do them, even though women can and are willing to do those jobs. 

People assume men are dangerous, because men statistically ARE dangerous. A six foot tall huge man who expects everyone to please him is far more threatening and capable of damage than a five foot tall woman in heels. And being punished for the same crime? Please. Men who have killed their wives because of adultery have gotten off with less than women who killed their husbands out of self defense. 

Don’t try to defend the social structure that literally kills women every day just so your silly feelings don’t get hurt. And if you are going to try to defend it, try to make something that makes even a little sense. 

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One helen is sufficient good looks to launch one thousand ships, and to cause the destruction by fire of an entire city. The objective standards of Ship Launching and Arson may now be used to analyze feminine beauty. […] The table below will be of assistance:

- Attohelen (ah) 10-18 helens: Light up a Lucky While Strolling past a Shipyard

- Femtohelen (fh) 10-15 helens: Burn a Dinner Candle & Spit a Toothpick into a Water Glass

- Picohelen (ph) 10-12 helens: Barbecue a Couple of Steaks & Toss an Inner Tube Into the Pool

- Nanohelen (nh) 10-9 helens: Send the Old Man on a Canoe Trip & Build a Good Roaring Blaze in the Fireplace

- Microhelen (µh) 10-6 helens: Christen a Motor Boat & Start a Grass Fire

- Millihelen (mh) 10-3 helens: Launch One Homeric Warship & Burn Down a House

- Centihelen (ch) 10-2 helens: Incinerate a City Block & Launch Christopher Columbus’ Entire Fleet: The “Niña” (40 tons), the “Pinta” (50 tons) and the “Santa Maria” (100 tons)

- Decihelen (dh) 10-1 helens: Torch the Central Business District of Oakland, California, & Launch the Clipper Ship “Flying Cloud” (1783 tons)

- Helen (h): Raze One City & Launch the WWI US Battleship “Delaware” (20,000 tons)

- Dekahelen (dah) 10 helens: Oversee the Incendiary Bombing of Ten Cities and Launch the Aircraft Carriers “Theodore Roosevelt” (91,487 tons) and “Dwight D. Eisenhower (91,487 tons)

- Hectohelen (hh) 102 helens: Instigate a Major Modern Conflict & Launch the Oil Platform “Stratfjord B” (with ballast, 899,360 tons), the Supertanker “Seawise Giant” (624,038 dead- weight tonnage); the Oil/Ore Carrier “World Gala” (282,460 dwt tonnage) and the Bulk-Ore Tanker “Hoei Maru” (208,000 dwt tonnage)

- Kilohelen (kh) 103 helens: Launch the Equivalent of One Million Greek Warships & Spark a Nuclear Confrontation

- Megahelen (Mh) 106 helens: Launch the Equivalent of One Billion Greek Warships & Blow Up the World

- Gigahelen (Gh) 109 helens: Launch the Equivalent of One Trillion Greek Warships & Destroy the Solar System

- Terahelen (Th) 1012 helens: Launch the Equivalent of One Thousand Trillion Greek Warships and Make Serious Inroads on the Welfare of the Galaxy

It is to be hoped that beauty exceeding the Hectohelen class evades even the most ambitious.

the Table of Helens and Equivalents, from “ON THE INEFFICIENCY OF BEAUTY CONTESTS, & A SUGGESTION FOR THEIR MODERNIZATION." by David Lance Goines. (via petrichorlore)

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It’s always great when Adventure Time fan art hits the Tumblr Radar.


Hey guys, just a quick one. Finally got chance to add the few final touches to this, I will post a progress gif this evening. I had planned to make some ridiculous pulp-ish b movie title for this, which I will probably get around to when I make the gif, but that is why there is a huge space above PB and Lady in the composition.

edit: oh gosh I almost forgot! I have a print sale going on too, which is no good if I don’t tell anyone about it! discount code is: HOUSEINATREE for 20% off!


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